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What Can I Expect to See in The Writing Strategies Book?

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Jennifer Serravallo's Writing Strategies Book, available mid-February, is the much-anticipated follow-up to The Reading Strategies Book, which made the New York Times Best Seller List by making it simpler to match students’ needs to high-quality instruction. Now, in The Writing Strategies Book, Jen Serravallo does the same, collecting 300 of the most effective strategies to share with writers, and grouping them beneath 10 crucial writing goals. In the following video, Jen walks us through the new book, its structure and the ways to use it as a tool in any classroom.










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To join the conversation about the Writing and Reading Strategies Books, join the Facebook group, where you can connect with other educators using the book in their classrooms. 

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To download sample chapters or pre-order The Writing Strategies Book, click here.

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