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Are Your Students Excited About Nonfiction Revision? Because They Could Be...

I have a confession: I love to cut. Almost nothing pleases me more than to read through a manuscript and find entire chapters that can be placed under the guillotine  (continue reading)

Sneed B. Collard on The Beauty of Pairing Down

Let’s talk about Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style cuts – hacking off large sections of your manuscript to make it better. How do you know where to begin?  (continue reading)

On the Podcast: Sneed B. Collard III on Teaching Nonfiction Revision

Sneed Collard is an award winning children’s author who has been working on revision strategies for years. Now, along with Vicki Spandel, they’re helping educators make nonfiction writing more meaning  (continue reading)

Incorporating Field Research into Writing Instruction

Research is important throughout the entire writing process, and it can be fun, too. Give it a try in your own writing instruction. Here's how.  (continue reading)

Writing Engaging Characters for Nonfiction

Writing Engaging Characters for Nonfiction  (continue reading)

6 Steps to Create an Environment that Supports Revision

6 Steps to Create an Environment that Supports Revision  (continue reading)

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