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Dedicated to Teachers


A Mindset for Culturally Relevant Teaching

You've decided to engage in culturally relevant teaching, but you're probably wondering what that will look like in your classroom. If you're like most teachers, you want some clarity. But before identifying strategies and tools, it's important to develop mindsets that allow you to do the work.  (continue reading)

Defining Culturally Responsive Teaching

Teachers who engage in these practices understand the importance of culture to teaching, learning, growing, and developing.  (continue reading)

Why Does Culturally Irrelevant Teaching Persist?

As our schools become increasingly diverse, it’s worth questioning what gets in the way of teachers planning for teaching that is relevant and responsive to the students they have in their classrooms.  (continue reading)

The Role of Culture in Teaching

Students of color make up over 50 percent of the population in today’s U.S. schools, yet adopted curricula rarely includes histories of minoritized populations.  (continue reading)

Creating a Culturally Competent Curriculum

Curriculum should be meaningful, engaging, relevant, and relatable to our students. We want all children to be engaged and to learn.  (continue reading)

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