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This summer, join Lucy Calkins and other educators from across the country for a live book study on Leading Well. 

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In this online study group series, author Lucy Calkins invites school leaders into a discussion of her essential new book, Leading Well. Drawing on the transformative work that she and her colleagues at the TCRWP have done in partnership with school leaders over the last thirty years, Lucy will lead a discussion around ways you can develop and sustain schoolwide literacy reform.



JUNE 26th, 4:00 pm—5:00 pm (ET): Read Leading Well, Part 1 (Ch. 1–3)

Part 1: Planning for Literacy Reform

Ch. 1: Setting Up for a Strong Start (or Restart)
Ch. 2: You Can’t Be the Only Leader—But the Job of Delegating Leadership Is Yours
Ch. 3: Communicate the Vision, Build the Energy

JULY 31st, 4:00 pm—5:00 pm (ET): Read Leading Well, Part 2 (Ch. 4–9)

Part 2: Lifting the Level of Teaching

Ch. 4: First Things First: Build an Instructional Foundation
Ch. 5: Help Teachers Lift the Level of Their Methods of Teaching
Ch. 6: From Good to Great: Supporting Teachers’ Continued Growth
Ch. 7: Build a Culture of Ongoing Learning
Ch. 8: Provide Teachers with Professional Development
Ch. 9: Rising to the Additional Challenges of Particular Populations


AUG 28th, 4:00 pm—5:00 pm (ET): Read Leading Well, Part 3 (Ch. 10–17)

Part 3: Establishing Structures across the School and Community

Ch. 10: Data-Based Instructional Rounds in Reading and Writing Workshops
Ch. 11: Create Rituals and Traditions that Hold the Heart of Your School
Ch. 12: Giving and Receiving Potent Feedback
Ch. 13: Leading Adults Can Be Tricky: Responding to Trouble
Ch. 14: Stay the Course while Integrating New Initiatives
Ch. 15: Advice on Using the TCRWP Assessment System
Ch. 16: A Few Words about Test Prep for High-Stakes Tests
Ch. 17: Engaging Parents as Partners
Ch. 18: Build Your Own Support Group


After you register for the series, you will receive an initial email confirmation, followed by messages reminding you to attend each month's live, hour-long session.

Below hear Lucy talk about Leading Well and her path to leadership on the Heinemann Podcast!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn with Lucy Calkins and district leaders from around the country!

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Topics: Lucy Calkins, Book Study, Summer Book Study, Leading Well

Date Published: 06/07/19

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