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Dedicated to Teachers

Heinemann's Year in Review: Spring 2015, Part One

It was another banner year for professional books at Heinemann. This week, as the lights of 2015 dim and extinguish, we look back on our year's offerings. Below, check out each book and its relevant blog posts.

Formative Language Assessment for English Learners by Rita MacDonald, Timothy Boals, Mariana Castro, H. Gary Cook, Todd Lundberg, and Paula A. White

♦ ♦

Learning From Classmates: Using Students' Writing as Mentor Texts by Lisa Eickholdt

♦ ♦

Supporting English Learners in the Reading Workshop by Lindsey Moses

♦ ♦

Reading Workshop 2.0: Supporting Readers in the Digital Age by Frank Serafini

♦ ♦

Engaging Every Learner: Classroom Principles, Strategies, and Tools by Patricia Vitale-Reilly

♦ ♦

Making Sense of Algebra by E. Paul Goldenberg, June Mark, Jane M. Kang, Mary Fries, Cynthia J. Carter, and Tracy Cordner

♦ ♦

Teaching Science For Understanding In Elementary and Middle Schools by Wynne Harlen

♦ ♦

The Unstoppable Writing Teacher by M. Colleen Cruz

♦ ♦

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Date Published: 12/28/15

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