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On the Podcast: Between the Commas Read Aloud with Martin Brandt

On the Podcast Between the Commas Read Aloud with Martin BrandtThis week on the podcast we’re excited to share a preview of one of Heinemann’s newest audiobooks, Between the Commas: Sentence Instruction That Builds Confident Writers (and Writing Teachers).

In it, author Martin Brandt uses creative and engaging strategies to build confidence in his students' writing.

Download a Sample Chapter of Between The Commas

In this preview of chapter 4, Martin shows the power of using the three-pillar sentence structure in a movie-essay prompt that engaged his students in communicating their ideas effectively.


A transcript of this episode will be available soon. 

martinbrandtMartin Brandt teaches English at San Jose’s Independence High School, a large urban school with a diverse student population. He is a teacher consultant with the San Jose Area Writing Project and former winner of the California Teachers of English Award for Classroom Excellence.




Topics: Audiobooks, Between the Commas, Martin Brandt, Teaching Writing, Read Aloud Podcast

Date Published: 05/06/21

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