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Audiobook: The Literacy Studio

Copy of Copy of Audiobook Blog Banners WKCR2EHeinemann Audiobooks presents The Literacy Studio: Redesigning the Workshop for Readers and Writers read by the author Ellin Oliver Keene.

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Workshop teachers struggle with time—building in two teaching sessions, one for reading and another for writing.  There is just too much to do, too many transitions, and very little integration of reading and writing.  To compound the frustration, we find that our students don’t have nearly enough time to read and write independently.

Enter the Literacy Studio, an alternative workshop model that combines reading and writing. It’s a way of teaching that makes sense to kids –with more time for choice, independent reading and writing, small group work, and conferring. The Literacy Studio defines and describes this new model and makes clear, through lesson samples, student work, and conversations with teachers just how much more efficient and effective literacy learning is when students see themselves as writers who read and readers who write.

Ellin Keene describes a step-by-step plan for getting started with Literacy Studio that includes:

  • The research that Literacy Studio is based upon
  • Sample lessons that integrate concepts from reading and writing
  • Adaptations for students with learning differences, English learners, and very young children
  • Abundant online resources to complement the book.

The Literacy Studio. Tools to re-think your workshop structure and strategically plan for integrating reading and writing. Isn’t it time?

• • •

Lit Studio Cover copy

To learn more about the The Literacy Studio: Redesigning the Workshop for Readers and Writers [AUDIOBOOK] read by Ellin Keene, visit Heinemann.com. Browse Heinemann audiobooks here




Topics: Reading, Language Arts, Literacy, Audiobooks, Ellin Oliver Keene, The Literacy Studio

Date Published: 09/22/23

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