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Dedicated to Teachers

Jo Boaler: The Mindset Revolution

Heinemann is proud to co-present a speaking event with Jo Boaler, author and professor of mathematics at Stanford.

Join Jo on the evening of Thursday, April 2nd for the first event, The Mindset Revolution: How to Teach or Parent for a Growth Mindset and Drastically Increase Math Achievement for Students of All Ages.

From its flyer:

In recent years, scientific studies have demonstrated that student and teacher “mindsets” have a profound impact on learning. Students with a “growth mindset,” who believe that intelligence and “smartness” can be learned and that the brain can grow from exercise, learn more effectively. These students display a desire for challenge and show resilience in the face of failure. Such behaviors encourage greater math persistence, engagement, and achievement.

Math teachers play a critical role in the development of mindsets and this session will review the ways to teach for a grown mindset. Jo will share recent research on the brain and math learning that has profound implications for students’ achievements. The keynote will speak to a wider audience of K–12 teachers, parents, and educational leaders.

The Mindset Revolution: How to Teach or Parent for a Growth Mindset and Drastically Increase Math Achievement for Students of All Ages
Thursday, April 2nd
7:00pm–8:30pm with Q&A
Exeter High School Auditorium
1 Blue Hawk Drive, Exeter, NH 03833
Cost: This event is open to the public with a suggested donation of $5.00.

How to Teach for a Growth Mindset and Drastically Increase Math Achievement for Students: Middle/High School Mathematics Teaching
Friday, April 3rd
University of New Hampshire
Elliot Alumni Center
Cost: This event is for educators and is not open to the general public.

Send your questions to: pkennedy@sau21.org or (603) 926-8992 ext. 105

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Jo Boaler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford and the co-founder of youcubed, a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering K–12 mathematics resources for educators and parents. She is the coauthor with Cathy Humphreys of Connecting Mathematical Ideas: Middle School Video Cases to Support Teaching and Learning.

Further reading: "The Mathematics of Hope—Moving from Performance to Learning in Mathematics Classrooms."

More math resources from Heinemann at Heinemann.com/Math

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