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Jo Boaler: Cultivating the New Growth Mindset


Join Jo Boaler on Friday, August 28th for a K-12 Focused Workshop called Cultivating the New Growth Mindset for Higher Levels of Achievement in Math Teaching and LearningNote: This event is full with a waiting list. Read below.

From its flyer:

Students with a growth mindset achieve at higher levels because they are more likely to persist with challenging problems and have self-belief that they can achieve. But how do we encourage students to have a growth mindset, and how does mindset interact with issues of equity? In this workshop, I will show how mindset is related to the mathematics we teach, and we will consider together what it means to teach multidimensional mathematics, at the same time as encouraging growth mindsets in our students. The advancement of mathematics with mindset teaching has the potential to change the mathematics teaching and learning landscape, preparing students for the high-tech world as well as the Common Core.

In this presentation we will look at what this means for classrooms, through videos and data, and consider how these important changes highlight a different role for teachers that allow their creativity and professionalism to take center stage

Cultivating the New Growth Mindset for Higher Levels of Achievement in Math Teaching and Learning
Friday, August 28, 2015
Liberty Lane Conference Center
One Liberty Lane, Hampton, NH 03842
Cost: $100 per person. Priority given for teams of 4 and 8.

Send your questions to: pkennedy@sau21.org or (603) 926-8992 ext. 105

Read the full flyer here [PDF].

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Jo Boaler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford and the co-founder of youcubed, a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering K–12 mathematics resources for educators and parents. She is the coauthor with Cathy Humphreys of Connecting Mathematical Ideas: Middle School Video Cases to Support Teaching and Learning.

Further reading: "The Mathematics of Hope—Moving from Performance to Learning in Mathematics Classrooms."

More math resources from Heinemann at Heinemann.com/Math

Topics: Mathematics, Carol Dweck, Growth Mindset, Jo Boaler, Mindset Revolution

Date Published: 07/16/15

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