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Dedicated to Teachers

Commute with us! A New Heinemann Podcast for Back-to-School

Commuter series graphic

Introducing a new series from the Heinemann podcast—just in time for the 2023 back-to-school season!

Commuting is always better when you have a friend along. Let us join your commute and you’ll enjoy listening to curated segments from Heinemann's audiobook library.

Introducing a new series from the Heinemann podcast!


These short, focused podcast episodes will give you something to think about during your commute or try in your classroom after listening—from guidance for creating a classroom where all students feel valued, to lessons for specific reading strategies.

Our first episode will be available August 14th, with new episodes airing every Monday morning. All you need to do is subscribe to the Heinemann podcast wherever you stream your podcasts.

Take us along for the ride as you start the new school year! 

Topics: Podcast, Back to School, Audiobooks

Date Published: 08/09/23

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