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3 Effective Ways to Integrate Matific into Your Math Classroom

3 Effective Ways to Integrate Matific into Your Math ClassroomFor educators looking for adaptive and personalized standards-aligned math activities, Matific’s award-winning educational technology helps cater to different learning styles and situations. Here are three effective ways schools can implement Matific’s rigorous pedagogy designed by educational experts from leading universities.  

3 Ways to Effectively Integrate Matific into Your Math Classroom

1. Interactive Demonstrations 

Matific's library boasts interactive activities that bring math concepts to life. These activities can be a powerful tool for introducing new topics. Here's a suggestion for using a Matific activity: 

  • Play the activity together as a class. Utilize the "Play with Class" option or project the screen onto a whiteboard. 
  • Encourage student participation.  Ask questions, prompt collaboration, and guide students to think through solutions together. 
  • Discuss the activity afterward.  Address any questions and highlight different approaches students might have taken. 

For instance, a teacher uses "Spaceship Factory" to introduce addition equations. Students encounter scenarios requiring them to solve for missing addends, all while helping a scientist build a spaceship. This interactive environment allows the teacher to showcase various approaches to addition, from using equations to simply counting up. By discussing these approaches in class, the teacher can emphasize the validity of each method and encourage students to explain their thinking. 

2. Targeted Small Group Instruction 

Matific's rich and multi-level activities are perfect for small group instruction. Teachers can assign activities based on student needs and monitor progress using Matific's real-time reports. These reports allow for targeted interventions and independent exploration. Additionally, the reports provide valuable insights into students' strengths and weaknesses, enabling more effective guidance. 

This approach promotes differentiated instruction, meeting students at their individual levels. The activities also foster discussion and problem-solving within groups. Students can collaborate, share strategies, and work together to find solutions. 

Episodes like "Pouring Riddles" are well-suited for group work. This activity involves subtraction, addition, strategizing, and critical thinking. A teacher named assigns different levels of "Pouring Riddles" to small groups. Students discuss the problems, experiment with the virtual materials, and solve collaboratively. They can take turns manipulating the virtual jugs while others perform calculations on paper. Finally, the teacher encourages students to present their problem-solving strategies to the entire class, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration across different levels. 

3. Independent Learning  

Math requires dedicated practice time for students to solidify concepts. However, ensuring each student practices at the appropriate level can be challenging. Matific's intelligent algorithm ensures students receive appropriate activities, both for acquiring new skills and revisiting previously learned ones. 

As students progress through the platform's recommendations, they receive ongoing feedback and support. If a student encounters difficulty with a new concept, Matific provides hints and explanations. The platform might even recommend reviewing prerequisite skills to reinforce knowledge before attempting new challenges. 

Matific guides students through grade-level content, adapting the pace to their individual needs. This ensures students are neither bored nor overwhelmed, keeping them appropriately challenged. 

A teacher has students complete 30 minutes of Matific's "Adventure Island" each week. This personalized approach ensures students receive new activities that fall within their "zone of proximal development," the range of challenges they can tackle with some support. The teacher also receives regular performance reports that track student progress. These reports allow the teacher to identify students who might benefit from additional support. 

In classrooms with limited devices, Matific can be integrated into a learning center rotation. Students can cycle through various math centers, including Matific, during math time. Alternatively, teachers can assign Matific activities as homework. 

Matific is a versatile, engaging, and effective math platform that has been shown to improve student performance by up to 34%. Regardless of how you choose to use it, Matific can be a valuable asset in your math classroom. 

See Why Matific is Terrific!

Proving thousands of activities based on standards-based mathematical concepts, Matific is aligned to NWEA MAP Growth and district curriculums. Matific also maps to other math programs, including Heinemann’s Do The Math intervention and Math Expressions core curriculum.  

Explore Matific’s award-winning pedagogy and educational technology.  Visit Heinemann.com/matific and try Matific for FREE! 

This blog was adapted from “3 Amazing Ways to Use Matific in the Classroom” by Andrew Crisp.

Topics: Mathematics, Math, Small Group Instruction, Do The Math, Math@Heinemann, Teaching Math, Inquiry-based learning, Matific, game-based learning, Educational technology, interactive instruction

Date Published: 04/17/24

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