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Celebrating Neurodiversity Week 2024

March 18-24th, 2024 is Neurodiversity week! We’re celebrating with a roundup of Heinemann posts.  (continue reading)

Strengths-Focused Education for Neurodiverse Students: A Conversation Between Rebecca Matte and Mark DiPietro 

Rebecca Matte and Mark DePietro talk about the importance of moving away from deficit thinking, and how you can incorporate strengths-based perspectives into your classroom.  (continue reading)

7 Things Neurodiverse Students Wish Their Teachers Knew About Them

Centering the child’s needs instead of the curriculum can make education better for ALL our students.   (continue reading)

Finding the Balance: Nurturing Joy at School for Neurodiverse Students

School should never be a punishment for neurodiverse children. When students learn to dislike learning it can often be a life sentence.  (continue reading)

Neurodiversity Resources for Educators

A roundup of resources to educate ourselves, our classrooms, and our school communities to better support our Neurodivergent students and colleagues.  (continue reading)

Celebrating Neurodiversity with Dr. Manju Banerjee and Maggie Beattie Roberts

Maggie and Dr. Banerjee dive into the history of the neurodiversity movement, what it means to be a neurodiverse learner, and what an inclusive classroom looks like.  (continue reading)

How Teachers Can Lead on Neurodiversity by John Elder Robison

How can we make that awareness of the value of different abilities come sooner for neurodivergent kids and their classmates? The answer might lie with neurodivergent teachers.    (continue reading)

What Every Teacher Should Know About Neurodiverse Learners

How best to support neurodiverse leaners: A blog from Mac Gander, an educator with more than three decades of experience in the field of neurodiversity.  (continue reading)

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