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Dedicated to Teachers


Summer 2024 Teacher Workshops at Heinemann

This summer, we're bringing you professional development workshops on writing instruction, engaging readers, math workshop, self-care, AI, and beyond.  (continue reading)

7 Math Workshop Characteristics

To answer 'what is math workshop?', learn about the 7 characteristics of successful math workshops from Jennifer Lempp.  (continue reading)

Upcoming 2024 Events at Heinemann

Upcoming events at Heinemann for professional development and learning. To be continuously updated.  (continue reading)

5 Ways to Meet Students Where They Are

Meeting students where they are requires that we know where they are but how can we truly know where a student is? Jennifer Lempp tells us 5 ways how.  (continue reading)

Heinemann Professional Books Publishing in 2024

The list of forthcoming Heinemann professional books in 2024.  (continue reading)

Building Student Math Identities with the Workshop Model

This week on the podcast Jennifer Lempp and Kristen Stump discuss the workshop model in the elementary math classroom.  (continue reading)

Designing a Joyful Math Workshop

Do you want your students to engage more authentically in math? Learn more about how to implement the math workshop framework!  (continue reading)

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