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Dedicated to Teachers


Summer PD Podcast Minisode One: Building and Practicing the Real Skills of a Strong Community.

This week on the Heinemann Podcast, we're excited to introduce the first of three special minisodes, and invite you all into the conversations of the Heinemann Summer Book Study, hosted in the Heinemann PD Teaching and Learning Facebook Group.  (continue reading)

Plumbing The Depths of Engagement: Two Heinemann Fellows on Ellin Keene's New Book

Ahead of the publication of Engaging Children: Igniting a Drive for Deeper Learning, Heinemann Fellows Aeriale Johnson and Jess Lifshitz read and reacted to Ellin’s soon-to-arrive book.  (continue reading)

On the Podcast: The Need For and Needs of Teachers of Color

On The Heinemann Podcast today, the need for and needs of teachers of color.  (continue reading)

Heinemann Fellow Aeriale Johnson: To Tiana, With Love

Heinemann Fellow Aeriale Johnson: To Tiana, With Love  (continue reading)

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