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Dedicated to Teachers

Infographic: Remote Learning and The Resiliency of Educators

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 4.37.06 PMThroughout April and May, Heinemann surveyed over 1,300 educators including classroom teachers, interventionists, literacy coaches, and reading specialists. From these surveys, we learned more about the obstacles educators faced during the early stages of the COVID19 pandemic.

Many expressed that they missed the in-person interactions with students, which video conferencing cannot truly replace. One of the most pressing concerns of those surveyed were the inequities within education that this epidemic only emphasized.

Though the current pandemic continues to test educators in ways never seen before, it has also provided opportunities to learn new skills and technologies. Many educators shared that this experience increased the collaboration within their learning community. Some even recognized that this method of learning was a better environment for certain students.

We heard something important in the responses about the resiliency of educators: “It’s been enlightening and very difficult.” The results from the survey clearly demonstrate what we knows to be true: that teachers around the country are working incredibly hard and stepping up to the plate in ways never imagined.

We are pleased to share a highlight of the results with you here.



Topics: Educator, Heinemann, Teachers, Literacy Coaching, Covid_19

Date Published: 06/25/20

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