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Create an Environment for Inquiry Anywhere and Anytime. Here's How!

Inquiry-Illum_PodcastAnne Goudvis, Stephanie Harvey and Brad Buhrow believe that curiosity and inquiry are at the very heart of researcher’s workshop.  They know that If we give kids the tools to read, view, and listen as they learn new information and explore the world through online resources--as well as books, magazines, and their own observations and experiences-- kids gain ownership of and are engaged in their learning.Kids are endlessly curious about the world around them.

With researcher’s workshop, kids have the time and space to explore something they are
genuinely interested in, and Infuse reading, writing, talking, drawing, and investigation into a research process that fosters kids’ creativity and independence.

Below is a resource based on the work of Goudvis, Harvey, and Buhrow in their latest book Inquiry Illuminated. It highlights some ways kids can research what they are passionate about, whether they’re in a classroom or at home, using what they have, including online sources such as videos, websites, magazine articles, ebooks, or audiobooks. This downloadable resource takes the researcher’s workshop process and distills it into investigations that can be done anywhere and anytime. It includes five free bonus lessons, one for each step in the “research to go” process.

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Topics: Anne Goudvis, Professional Learning Resources, Stephanie Harvey, Inquiry Illuminated, Brad Buhrow, Distance Learning, Covid_19

Date Published: 05/15/20

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