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Oral Mentor Texts: Oral Storytelling

Part Two: Oral Storytelling
Find or Create a class shared event. i.e.:
  • Blow bubles
  • Create with play dough
  • Color a picture
  • Do a dance
  • Sing a song
Teacher writes story to include craft elements for explicit practice
Learning the Story
Example of class story: Yesterday at school we all blew bubbles. The bubbles were shiny and round. They floated in the air all around our heads. Suddenly we heard, “Pop! Pop! Pop!” All the bubbles disappeared. They melted into the floor. __________ said, “I love bubbles!”   Structures for Learning a Class Story
  1. Echo Telling-Teacher says a line, student says a line.
  2. Adding symbols-Use the symbol grid to draw a symbol for each page.
  3. Adding gestures-Add a gesture for each line of the story.
  4. Choral tell the story.
Practicing the Story
  1. Get good at telling one sentence at a time.
  2. Tell it in a circle
  3. Use popcorn telling
  4. Tell it like a book
  5. Tell it to a partner
  6. Tell it to an audience.
Using the Story-Choose one at a time.
  • Highlight the beginning, middle, and end of the story grid
  • Cut up and reassemble the story grid to retell the story
  • Illustrate each page of the class story.
  • Hop the class story.
  • Act out the story
Using the Structures to Retell a Familiar Story
  • Use the grid to make symbols to go with the story.
  • Create gestures to go with the story.
  • Make props to retell the story.
Writing-Only after story is internalized
  • Entire story
  • Summary
  • Retelling
  • Innovation

Topics: Oral Mentor Texts, Reading, Writing, Connie Dierking, Elementary, Language Arts, Sherra Jones

Date Published: 08/20/14

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