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Laying the Groundwork for A Civically Engaged Classroom: A Video Series

Civically Engaged Groundwork Video Series Blog

The authors of The Civically Engaged Classroom joined us online for a series of Facebook Live sessions. All three video recordings will be shared in this blog post and on the Heinemann Facebook page where you can read the questions and comments from attendees.

• • •

In the first session authors, Mary Ehrenworth, Pablo Wolfe, and Marc Todd, review specific lessons that can help prompt students and teachers to do the identity work that facilitates community building in our classrooms, whatever shape they might take this year.

Session #1
Engaged Citizens Explore Their Identities and Their Biases

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The authors have shared the presentation slides from their first session on their Padlet website. You can also view and download the slides by clicking the button below. 

Download the Slides from Session #1

Session #2
Reading, Writing, and Speaking for Change

Thursday, September 17, 2020


Click below to access the Padlet referenced during the presentation. 
Visit The Civically Engaged Classroom Padlet

Session #3
Political & Social Action
Thursday, October 1, 2020


The Civically Engaged Classroom is due to be published in October 20, 2020.
To learn more about this title visit Heinemann.com or click below.

Download The Free Election Guide

Learn more about The Civically Engaged Classroom

Mary Ehrenworth Heinemann AuthorMary Ehrenworth, Senior Deputy Director of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and co-editor for the Units of Study for Teaching Reading, Middle School series, works with schools and districts around the globe, and is a frequent keynote speaker at Project events and national and international conferences. Mary’s interest in critical literacies, deep interpretation, and reading and writing for social justice all inform the books she has authored or co-authored in the Reading and Writing Units of Study series as well as her many articles and other books on instruction and leadership. You can connect with her on Twitter @MaryEhrenworth.

Pablo Wolfe Heinemann Author

Pablo Wolfe is a Washington DC-based educator who promotes civic education as a means to improve student engagement, celebrate student identity, and embolden the next generation of activists. He's been a public school administrator, a staff developer with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, a teacher, and a parent, and in all of these roles has sought to make school a training ground for civic life. Whether planning town hall meetings with groups of 7th graders, writing letters to elected officials, or organizing opportunities for service learning, Pablo believes that academic skills are best learned when applied towards addressing social injustices. He is currently working to create a network of civic-minded educators to share stories and best practices that illustrate how civic knowledge, values, and behaviors improve student outcomes and transform schools. A strong believer in the role of teachers as agents of social change, he strives to thread this idea through his writing, staff development and teaching. You can connect with him on Twitter @pablowolfe.


Marc Todd Heinemann AuthorMarc Todd teaches Social Studies at IS 289, the Hudson River Middle School in New York, and is a national presenter for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. He collaborates with teachers around the world and leads workshops and institutes on culturally relevant pedagogy and teaching students to be critical readers of history. Marc believes in immersing kids in nonfiction reading and making notebook work inside of content classes both serious and joyful. 
You can connect with him on Twitter @marctoddnyc.




Topics: Mary Ehrenworth, Remote Learning, The Civically Engaged Classroom, Pablo Wolfe, Marc Todd

Date Published: 08/25/20

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