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Foundations in Research: The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

5-14-21 banner image-1The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) is a think tank that has long based its ideas and practices on established and new research. Read a sample from the Research Base document below for a summary of some of TCRWP’s key beliefs and practices.

The following excerpt is from "Teachers College Reading and Writing Project: Foundations in Research."

The act of reading is complex. Pulling apart the mechanisms and inputs required for students to engage in, and draw meaning from, texts has been the subject of countless research studies and professional journal articles, not to mention rich fodder for social media posts from pundits and politicians. Writing instruction has faced similar treatment in the quest to encourage students to communicate more effectively with the word. For three decades, the TCRWP at Columbia University has been at the forefront of these conversations, leading with active on-the-ground research, collaborating with top national and global thinkers, and advocating for increased equity and access for all children and youth across the country—and beyond.

Read the Full Research Base


For more information about the research behind the Units of Study, visit UnitsofStudy.com/Research.

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Date Published: 08/20/21

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