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Now Available: The Common Core Writing Book, 6–8 Study Guide


Now you can access the Study Guide for Gretchen Owocki's newest book The Common Core Writing Book, 6–8: Lessons for a Range of Tasks, Purposes, and Audiences. This Study Guide is designed to support school teams in developing writing instruction across content areas through a systematic, schoolwide approach.

Visit the book's product page and scroll down to "Companion Resources" to access the Study Guide for free


Click here to download the PDF of the Study Guide directly

The Common Core Writing Book, 6–8, Gretchen Owocki's newest book, is out now. Gretchen covers not only the English Language Arts standards, but all the writing standards for literacy in social studies, science, and technical subjects. She identifies those lessons that work best in content-area classrooms, offers suggestions for cross-disciplinary collaboration, and provides common language for teachers across the disciplines. In this post, Gretchen explains the need for this newest entry in her series.

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Gretchen Owocki demonstrates the importance of bringing meaningful instruction to not only traditional reading-instruction topics like comprehension, but also to contemporary issues such as Common Core and RTI. In the bestselling titles The Common Core Writing Book, 6-8; The Common Core Reading Book, 6-8; The Common Core Lesson Book, K-5The Common Core Writing Book, K-5; and The RTI Daily Planning Book, she masterfully breaks down instructional issues and strategies into manageable chunks that help teachers differentiate instruction, meet curricular goals, and improve as practitioners.

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Date Published: 03/18/16

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