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Heinemann Brings Game-Based Math Solution Matific to U.S. Schools

Adaptive learning program to integrate with Heinemann’s Do the Math and Math Expressions.

Matific_Announcement-BlogPORTSMOUTH, NH – Dec. 12, 2023

Today, Heinemann announced the launch of adaptive math solution Matific for U.S. elementary schools. Matific is a research-based K-6 supplemental math program that specializes in providing lessons and activities through the use of game-based applications with a focus on making math learning engaging, interactive and fun for students.

Providing thousands of activities based on standards-aligned mathematical concepts, Matific maps to more than 130 different math programs, including Heinemann’s Do the Math and Math Expressions. This award-winning solution is developed in partnership with world experts in mathematics, computer science, education and child development, including leading researchers from Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford and the Einstein Institute to ensure that Matific’s math activities line up with the most up-to-date research in education and child development.

“Heinemann is delighted to bring this award-winning adaptive math learning program to teachers and students across the country for the first time,” said Maggie DeMont, general manager of Heinemann. “Matific will enhance our existing math portfolio with highly engaging game-based activities to increase student motivation and cutting-edge learning technology to boost math outcomes.”

This new integration on Heinemann’s’ Flight platform and content-based pairing with Do the Math and Math Expressions creates an opportunity for engaging personalized learning within a trusted instructional framework. Matific’s embedded assessment features will also allow teachers to quickly evaluate students’ problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities, identify areas where students may be struggling and make data-informed instructional decisions to drive student progress.

“Matific is thrilled to partner with Heinemann, uniting our world-leading math education technology with their renowned products, Do the Math and Math Expressions,” said Craig Shotland, CEO of Matific. “This collaboration marks a pivotal moment, emphasizing our shared commitment to pedagogical excellence, ensuring that our resources complement and enhance Heinemann's approach. Together, we aim to further empower educators and inspire students in the USA and abroad by delivering comprehensive, effective, and engaging math education.”

Matific is currently available in more than 50 countries and in over 40 different languages. This exclusive partnership with Heinemann will allow Matific to be distributed more broadly across the US school market. Beginning in 2024, Matific will be integrated into Heinemann’s Flight platform and paired with Do the Math and Math Expressions, offering carefully curated pedagogical content that’s wrapped in an inquiry-based journey of discovery. Heinemann will also offer Matific as a standalone supplemental math solution to unlock children’s mathematics potential.

With the addition of Matific, the Math@Heinemann portfolio now includes core, supplemental, and intervention solutions, assessment, teacher support, and professional books from the nation’s leading math experts and educators.


For more information about Matific, Do the Math and Math Expressions, please visit: Heinemann.com/Math.


About Matific

Matific is an award-winning educational technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the way children learn and educators teach mathematics. Through its interactive online platform, Matific offers a comprehensive suite of engaging math activities and games designed to make learning enjoyable for students from kindergarten to sixth grade. With a curriculum-aligned approach and AI-driven adaptive learning features, Matific aims to nurture mathematical understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in students worldwide, empowering them to excel and unlock their true potential. Visit matific.com to learn more.


Media Contact:

Erika McCaffrey

Director, Communications

Heinemann Publishing


Topics: Do The Math, Math Expressions, Matific

Date Published: 12/12/23

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