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Making A Case For Researcher's Workshop Across The Day

Making a case for Researchers WorkshopAnne Goudvis, Stephanie Harvey, and Brad Buhrow love to talk about their favorite subject: inquiry. “It’s time to rethink content instruction— no more dull slogs through the textbook!” Too often, they note, simply covering the curriculum has been the goal of content instruction. “In inquiry-based classrooms,” they say, “deep, meaningful learning—and often action—is our mission.”

Download a Sample Chapter from Inquiry IlluminatedIn their new book Inquiry Illuminated, the authors take us inside real classrooms to discover an approach to inquiry that also breathes new life into the content areas. They introduce us to researcher’s workshop. “We love reader’s and writer’s workshop, so why not researcher’s workshop?” With this new approach, the authors have seen kids burst with enthusiasm and energy for learning. “They can’t resist taking learning into their own hands.”

“We love reader’s and writer’s workshop, so why not researcher’s workshop?”

In the video below, you'll see researcher's workshop in action in Karen Halverson's Classroom. The video starts as kids investigate multiple Native American perspectives on white settlement of the American west. Instead of tired old worksheets and boring textbooks, students use primary sources to explore big curricular questions they wonder about. 


Download a Sample Chapter from Inquiry Illuminated

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Anne Goudvis


Anne Goudvis is the coauthor the Heinemann title Comprehension Going Forward and of Strategies that Work (with Stephanie Harvey). She and Steph also created best-selling classroom materials through firstHand: The Comprehension Toolkit; The Primary Comprehension Toolkit; and Comprehension Interventions. 

Anne has been a classroom teacher, staff developer, and university instructor. For the past fifteen years she has worked as a staff developer with the Denver-based Public Education and Business Coalition and currently does staff development in schools around the country. Recent interests include working in schools with culturally and linguistically diverse students and integrating reading comprehension instruction with content area topics in social studies and science.

Follow Anne on Twitter @annegoudvis

stephanieharvey-109x150-5Stephanie Harvey has spent her career teaching and learning about reading and writing. After fifteen years of public school teaching, both in regular education and special education classrooms, Stephanie worked for twelve years as a staff developer for the Denver based Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC), a partnership of leaders from education and business, who support innovation in public schools.

Insatiably curious about student thinking, she is a teacher first and foremost and currently serves as a private literacy consultant to schools and school districts. In that role, she conducts keynote speeches, presentations, workshops, demonstration lessons, coaching sessions and ongoing consultation to teachers, reading specialists, literacy coaches, principals and district administrators. With a focus on K-12 literacy, her specialties include comprehension instruction, inquiry-based learning, content area reading and writing, nonfiction literacy, and the role of passion, wonder and engagement in teaching and learning.

Stephanie has written many articles, books and resources; her Heinemann publications include the title Comprehension and Collaboration which she co-authored with Smokey Daniels, and The Comprehension Toolkit series which is an in-depth Curricular Resource for comprehension instruction co-authored with Anne Goudvis.

Connect with Steph at @StephHarvey49



Brad Buhrow is coauthor of the Heinemann title Comprehension Going Forward.

For the past twelve years he has worked with culturally and linguistically diverse learners teaching fourth, second, and first grade. He believes that “to be a teacher it takes thinking, imagination, creativity, curiosity and a lot of energy. That's why I became a teacher—I love that challenge. I've learned from critical theory that establishing a solid knowledge base and being conscious of my practices is the first step toward action and positive change.”

Brad is also coauthor of Ladybugs, Tornadoes and Swirling Galaxies and was a teacher participant in the professional development videos included in Reading The World and The Primary Toolkit.

 Follow Brad on Twitter @bradbuhrow

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