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Dedicated to Teachers

A Note from Heinemann About Summer Learning: Supporting Our Students with Responsive Teaching

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When students gear up to return to the classroom next fall, they will be returning from vastly different experiences of pandemic teaching and learning. Across the United States, there are as many configurations of hybrid, remote, or in-person instruction as there are school districts, and we know that students have been disproportionately affected in ways that point to the need for deep, systemic change in how we address issues of equity in K-12 education. 

While there is plenty of evidence to suggest significant “learning loss” across all grade levels and populations, we want to be careful with how we are using this term. We must not lose sight of the fact that our students and teachers are living through something unprecedented. This year, summer school will be a key opportunity to be responsive to students’ needs and help them feel ready to enter the classroom again come fall.

At Heinemann, we’ve always believed that teachers are in the best position to make decisions about how to meet their students where they are and move them forward. Our resources take a student-centered approach, emphasize social emotional learning, and honor responsive teaching in all disciplines.

We’ve created a Summer School Resource where we’ll feature relevant blog posts, podcasts, and original content examining this unique transition back to school, as well as link to relevant resources that may be helpful as you prepare for summer school and regular instruction later this year.

- The Heinemann Team

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