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Digital Learning Day: Leveraging Student Writing

eickholdt-coverToday is “Digital Learning Day” a day focused on utilizing technology to help a student learn. You can learn more about Digital Learning Day from their site here: http://www.digitallearningday.org/

Lisa Eickholdt, author of Learning from Classmates, together with Patty Vitale-Reilly, author of Engaging Every Learner,  are strong advocates for engaging students through voice and choice. From using students as writing mentors to advocating for student choice in using technology tools that engage them, Lisa and Patty enthusiastically share strategies to engage elementary student readers and writers in the classroom.

In this webinar clip from Leveraging Student Writing (fall 2015), Lisa talks about the power of leveraging student texts in the classroom. 

“When we leverage student writing in the classroom we end up with 25 writing teachers instead of 1.”

Lisa shares her steps for leveraging student writing, first by looking for great content, and then by using a three-step process she calls Notice, Name and Note (see chapter 1 of Learning from Classmates).

As you watch this webinar, refer to the Digital Library edition of Learning from Classmates to follow along.

Join authors Lisa Eickholdt and Patty Reilly when they present a live webinar series beginning March 3. For more information click here.
You can also review Patty's blog on Engaging Every Learner here.  




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