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Dedicated to Teachers

Summer Writing Camp Week Two Wrap-Up

Week two of Jennifer Serravallo's online Summer Writing Camp for teachers is officially wrapped up! This week, participants focused on strategies for writing poetry. Find a debrief of each day below, along with links to videos of Jen explaining the strategy of the day.  (continue reading)

Summer Writing Camp Week One Wrap-Up

Today marks the end of the first week of Jennifer Serravallo's online Summer Writing Camp, and what a week it's been! Jen walked 'campers' through five strategies for writing fictional narratives.  (continue reading)

Strategies for Detailed Writing

Offering a variety of elaboration strategies will also help students to vary the types of details they may include in their piece, so their drafts don't end up sounding one-note.  (continue reading)

Summer Writing Camp with Jennifer Serravallo

Today on the Heinemann podcast, we’re packing our bookbags for summer camp!  (continue reading)

This Summer, Come to Writing Camp with Jennifer Serravallo

You’re invited to summer camp with Jennifer Serravallo (and it’s FREE!) Find all the necessary details here, and we'll see you in The Reading and Writing Strategies Community Facebook group this summer!  (continue reading)

Writing to Change the World: Finding Focus and Meaning

When in the writing process do writers figure out a focus and decide on the point they want their writing to make?  (continue reading)

Jennifer Serravallo on the Connections Between Reading and Writing Goals

Here, Jen has created a handy downloadable chart to illustrate the connections between goals in The Reading Strategies Book and The Writing Strategies Book.  (continue reading)

Jennifer Serravallo Podcast and Facebook Live Q and A on Her New Course

New York Times, Best-selling author Jennifer Serravallo talks about her new on-demand course: Strategies in Action: Reading and Writing Methods and Content.  (continue reading)

How Can The Writing Strategies Book Help With Your Own Writing Goals This Summer?

How Can The Writing Strategies Book Help With Your Own Writing Goals This Summer?  (continue reading)

What Can I Work on As a Writer?

Some students are able to identify their strengths and needs. Others will need guidance. Here's a helpful writing tool from Jen Serravallo.  (continue reading)

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