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Dedicated to Teachers


Commute with us! A New Heinemann Podcast for Back-to-School

This back to school season, let us join you on your commute with our new podcast series!  (continue reading)

Learning Through Play: How Parents can Support PreK-K Children During Remote Learning

Children learn through play. Learn how to support that learning at home from the author of Choice Time: How to Deepen Learning Through Inquiry and Play, Renée Dinnerstein.  (continue reading)

Fall 2020 Digital Catalog Now Available

Browse through our latest catalog to learn about NEW titles and professional development opportunities. Plus a video message from our EVP and General Manager, Vicki Boyd.  (continue reading)

The Best Advice From Teachers to Their First-Year Teacher Selves

We had the chance to ask teachers what advice they would give themselves in their first year of teaching (if they had a time machine, of course). Here's what they had to say...  (continue reading)

On the Podcast: Re-Framing Evaluations for Back to School with Tom Marshall

How can we re-frame how principals talks about evaluations and observations with teachers for the start of the new year?  (continue reading)

5 Beliefs that Support Amazing Teachers

It is our responsibility to create classrooms where students can learn skills beyond the rote, that extend to their very ways of interacting with, and perhaps changing, the world. The beliefs that inform your teaching make all the difference.  (continue reading)

4 Time-Management Tips for Teachers

Back-to-school is the perfect time to try new time-management strategies like these. Test them out to see what works, and what doesn't.  (continue reading)

4 Kids-First Community-Building Ideas for The First Few Days of School

At the start of a new school year, it is important to take clear and intentional actions that put kids first from day one. Below are four simple and fun activities that build community, encourage engagement, and value student voices.  (continue reading)

The Best Way to Bring Flexible Comprehension Instruction To Your Classroom

Sometimes it can be hard to imagine how you might infuse deeper comprehension work into your district- mandated curriculum or instructional framework. If this sounds familiar...  (continue reading)

Hurricane Harvey: Next Steps

Hurricane Harvey: Next Steps  (continue reading)

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