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Tips For Setting Up A Successful Classroom Environment For Summer Literacy Learning


Summer school offers a wonderful opportunity to deepen student comprehension of nonfiction texts and build knowledge across the curriculum.

The Comprehension Toolkit series from Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis guides your teachers and supports your students in an active literacy classroom that’s fun and effective—and it’s ideal for use in summer school settings. Here are some tips on setting up a successful classroom environment for summer literacy learning: (For more tips, and a free 49-page summer pacing guide, click here.)

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Career and College Readiness – How Can We Best Prepare Our Students for Future Careers that May Not Even Exist Yet?


Today’s standards are all about Career and College Readiness – but it’s pretty tough to prepare kids for careers that may not even exist yet.

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Harvey And Goudvis: Content Matters

Complexity is not merely about dense text, Lexile level, or technical vocabulary. Complexity is about ideas, not merely words. Complexity resides in issues and problems with multiple perspectives that can be presented in myriad ways. The reader’s background knowledge—prior knowledge and experience–—is the greatest factor in whether a text is complex or not. In fact, complexity is in the eye (or mind) of the beholder.

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