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Reading Pathways: A Book Study (2-5): TCRWP Twitter Chat


Written By Anna Gratz Cockerille

At this point in the school year, it is likely that you have begun to get a clearer picture of who your students are as readers. You have a good sense of the kinds of books they like, the kinds of books they shy away from, their reading levels, and the goals they are working towards as readers.

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Let’s Talk Assessments: A Book Study Of Reading Pathways


by Anna Gratz Cockerille

In his recent article, “Seeing Anew: An Invitation to Teacher Research” in Heinemann’s 2016-2017 Professional Development Catalogue-Journal, Thomas Newkirk wrote, “I have always thought this is the cycle of true research: to take something you think you 'know'—and through sustained attention, begin to see it anew.”

How true this is about all kinds of teacher research, whether one is researching a student, a teaching method, or a professional text. Certainly, a text as weighty as Reading Pathways,part of the Units of Study for Teaching Reading series for grades 3-5, is worth visiting and revisiting. Each time one does, one discovers more. 

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Reading Pathways Book Study: Using Progressions with Students in Reading


See below for the full chat transcript

By Anna Gratz Cockerille

Those of us who had the privilege of working on of the Units of Study for Teaching Reading series for grades 3–5 can attest: no single component received more attention, discussion, and care than the Reading Pathways book. This comprehensive tool is the result of countless hours of think tanks, workshops, classroom observations, and sessions pouring over student work. Certainly, upper grade reading is one of the most difficult areas to assess.

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