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Standing on Shoulders


By Jennifer Serravallo

The Writing Strategies Book started shipping this week. I’ve been overwhelmed and humbled by the positive responses and enthusiasm from so many. Before you all get this book in your hands, though, I need to get something off my chest:

This book would not exist were it not for a community of friends, mentors, colleagues and teachers—giants—whom I’ve been lucky to know. I want you all to know them, too.

My most immediate teacher and mentor around the teaching of writing is Lucy Calkins. I first read her books in college, leaned on them heavily throughout my years in the classroom, and eventually was lucky enough to spend years with her at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Her contributions are deep-reaching—not only in writing curriculum and workshop methods of instruction but also as a mentor to so many who have gone on to inspire others. If you asked Lucy, though, she’d probably tell you she stands on the shoulders of her mentors, chief among them Don Graves. I came to Graves’ books, such as Writing: Teachers and Children at Work, many years after being introduced to Lucy’s books, but through Lucy, I was learning from this work years before going directly to the source.

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Online PLC: Bringing Outside Literacies In

This month we will be featuring content to explore the question, “How do we create cultures of learning that embrace and provide opportunities for exploring a wide range of literacies in the 21st century?”

“As my students uncover their literate practices, I strike teacher gold: I understand my students more deeply, and can call on so many resources in our academic work.”

Inspired by the work of Katherine and Randy Bomer, Deborah Kelt learned to embrace, as a teacher and parent, the wide range of literacies in today’s world. Along with her students, this journey became about “uncovering literacies” and shifting thinking to and instead of or.

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