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Making Teacher Evaluation Work

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During the evaluation process, teachers might be asking for one thing while evaluators are looking for something different. How do we bring these two perspectives together to reach common goals? In Making Teacher Evaluation Work, Authors Rachael Gabriel and Sarah Woulfin suggest there’s a way to not only improve the evaluation process, but use evaluations as a way to improve teaching. Rachael and Sarah have created a resource for teachers and evaluators to read together that walks them through every step of the evaluation process. We started out our conversation on how this book came to be.

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Online PLC: Be Sure Evaluators Know What to Look For


During the month of April, we will examine the place that assessment has in the lives of both educators and students. Keep this question in mind as you view, read, and share thoughts from this month's content: In what ways can we assess what we value?

“Teacher evaluations need to do more than reveal the nature of instruction as it is; they should also support teachers in their efforts to hone their craft.”

What are your non-negotiables when it comes to instruction? What if these aren’t on the rubric?

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