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No More Mindless Homework, a Twitter Chat with Janine Bempechat

bulb-linkroundup Research shows that students who have positive home support for homework activities not only find the homework experience more rewarding but get more out of it. Parents, in most cases, are eager to help their children do the homework necessary to augment their classroom learning, but conflict can enter the picture when kids push back— which is often the case. Many students view homework negatively, but there are several simple practices parents can put in place to help mitigate the negativity and influence the homework experience for the better. 

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The Ways We Deny English Learners Access


Too often in classrooms, we describe English Learners by what they cannot do rather than by what they can do. Particularly in mainstream classrooms—in which teachers have little or no training in how to meet their needs—English Learners are seen through a deficit lens.

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