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We are Readers and Writers! Setting Up a Literacy-Rich Summer

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by Anna Gratz Cockerille

For many teachers and students, the summer months are a chance to change pace, to dig into projects of personal interest, and just…breathe. But for many kids, summer is also a time when learning grinds to a halt. Students in lower socio-economic households in particular have little opportunity to practice the academic skills that began to take root and gel by the end of the year. One particular area of well-documented summer decline is in reading. When students don’t read during the months of summer, the effects on their academic progress are disastrous. 

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TCRWP Twitter Chat: Reading With Grit And Power


See below for a full transcript of the #TCRWP chat

By Anna Cockerille

Like most high-profile trends in education, the grit phenomenon has been hotly debated. Proponents, such as Paul Tough, author of How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character, believe that aspects of children’s characters are better predictors of success than IQ scores. They say that children who approach life with curiosity, resilience, and optimism will be better equipped to overcome challenges than those whose test scores top the class. 

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