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Easy as Pi… 31.4% Off Our Math and Science Books


In 2009, Congress recognized March 14 as National Pi Day…but it’s always been a holiday to math teachers.

(And just in case you don’t have the first few digits of Pi memorized: 3.1415926…)

As we close in on this special date, we’re preparing to once again spread some Pi Day cheer. The formula for saving is simple! Use the coupon code PIDAY at online checkout from March 14-19 and save 31.4% off the list price of our math and science professional books.

Full details

Code: PIDAY at online checkout

Offer: 31.4% off list price for math and science professional books

Not applicable: Bundles, curricular resources, eBooks, and ancillaries

Quantity: No limit

Duration: March 14–19, 2016

Area of a circle: 2πr2