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How the Lessons in Short Nonfiction for American History Build Knowledge

Toolkit Civil War Social 1

In this visual podcast ( this is the second in the series, the first can be viewed here) Anne Goudvis and Stephanie Harvey walk you through the structure and content of each of the ten lessons in the Short Nonfiction for American History series. This overview will show you exactly what students will learn with each lesson, and how these resources are developed around a gradual release of responsibility framework. 

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Connecting Comprehension and Content: A Visual Podcast with Anne Goudvis and Stephanie Harvey

Toolkit Civil War Social 4

Anne Goudvis and Stephanie Harvey have created the Short Nonfiction for American History Series in order to embed reading and thinking strategies into social studies and history instruction, so that comprehension and thinking strategies become tools for learning and understanding content. Throughout the series, Anne and Stephanie show that teaching historical literacy means merging thoughtful, foundational literacy practices with challenging, engaging resources to immerse students in historical ways of thinking. 

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Commemorating the Surrender at Appomattox: A Toolkit Texts Lesson

Toolkit Civil War Social 3

Today we commemorate the surrender at Appomattox, which occurred on April 9, 1865. Generals Grant and Lee met at the McLean House to end the four long, bloody years of the Civil War.

Our new resource, Toolkit Texts for American History: Civil War and Reconstruction, examines the people, events, and issues of this time period through a variety of materials, including:

  • articles and short text
  • primary-source texts and images
  • maps
  • photographs
  • political cartoons
  • prints and paintings
  • timelines

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