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Why Essay, Why Now?


Adapted from the introduction to The Journey Is Everything, the newest book by Katherine Bomer.

By Katherine Bomer

Whole generations of adults fear writing because they grew up in schools thinking writing means sentence diagrams, penmanship, spelling, and proper placement of that darn thesis statement. Our students deserve better than this. They need essays to help them think in reflective, open-minded ways, to stir their emotions, teach them about life, and move them to want to change the world. And now more than ever, with the hyperattention paid to preparing students for college and careers, young people need practice in finding subjects of interest and passion to write about. They need lessons that show them how to think deeply about these topics and how to write about them in compelling ways.

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The Heinemann Fellows: Julie Nora On Authentic Audiences For Writing


Julie Nora is a Heinemann Fellow with the 2014–2015 class, and has been an educator for 24 years. In today's post, Julie talks about having her students engage an authentic audience by creating a poll and effecting change for a school dance.

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