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What Does ABAR Look Like if You Teach STEM Subjects?

Use a STEM Planner to help you consider units through the perspectives of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  (continue reading)

Podcast: Why and How to Choose Professional Learning

Lish Mitchell and Jaclyn Karabinas from Heinemann Professional Development walk us through some exciting upcoming PD and how you can learn more.   (continue reading)

Your Journey, Your PD

The path of each educator is unique. As such, the professional development each person seeks depends on the topic, their context, experiences, access...  (continue reading)

The Art of Supplementing Workshop Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Learners

Student’s growth is the one and only outcome that truly matters. Great supplemental resources help improve student-teacher interactions at high-impact moments in the workshop.  (continue reading)

Why Literacy Studio?

Imagine a literacy block that is flexible enough to allow you to be directly responsive to your kids’ needs.  (continue reading)

Book-Matching Moves and Rituals: What is Book-Talking and Why Should You Make Time For It?

Book-talks can provide more entry points for student engagement. Here are some tips from The Joy of Reading.  (continue reading)

How to Choose Books to Read Aloud

Reading aloud to kids every single day is one of the most important things teachers can do.  (continue reading)

Teaching Tips: Take Charge of Your Classroom Routines, Rituals, Relationships, and More!

Download, print, and share these valuable teaching tips designed to support your teaching practice while remaining grounded in why it matters for children.  (continue reading)

Get Started with Digital Storytelling: Try this Activity!

Dive into Digital Storytelling with this activity that shows students how to create sound effects.  (continue reading)

Book-Matching Moves and Rituals: Get to Know Students with Interest Surveys

Start the school year with a reading interest survey tailored to your students.  (continue reading)

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