New Editions of Two Marie Clay Resources

Heinemann is proud to be the U.S. distributor of Marie Clay’s work. To influence new generations of teachers, the Marie Clay Literacy Trust brings us these refreshed editions of key titles. Marie’s words are untouched, but the Trust has updated references and surrounding features as appropriate. 

We are thrilled to announce the two newest editions of beloved Marie Clay favorites.

Concepts about Print

Concepts About Print, Second Edition

Author Marie Clay

Author Marie Clay

One of six tasks in Marie Clay’s Observation Survey, this helpful stand-alone guide provides information and forms for using Follow Me, Moon; No Shoes; Sand; and Stones to assess children’s ability to control the conventions of print. 

In about ten minutes, the Concepts About Print task provides accurate and reliable information on children’s understanding of printed language. Teachers can quickly assess what readers know and need to learn so they can plan instruction accordingly. With updates to match the third edition of An Observation Survey and a new design and layout, Concepts About Print, Second Edition, makes this one-on-one assessment easy to record, score, and analyze.

Concepts About Print, Second Edition includes a blank Concepts About Print Score Sheet and a Quick Reference for Scoring Standards sheet that can be used in the classroom.

Running Records

Running Records for Classroom Teachers, Second Edition

Running Records for Classroom Teachers, Second Edition explains how to accurately record what children say and do as they read any text, and how teachers can score and interpret these records. When these standard recording and scoring procedures are used, Running Records provide accurate and reliable assessments of children’s reading.

Classroom teachers can use Running Records to:

  • check how well a text is matched to a child’s reading
  • monitor the progress children are making
  • compare and group students in their class.

Running Records for Classroom Teachers, Second Edition includes everything you need to get started taking running records, including a blank Running Records Sheet and a blank Change Over Time in Text Level form that can be used in the classroom. 


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