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Your Heinemann Link Round-Up for May 8–14


Greetings! It's time for a link round-up. This week we have something special for you at the bottom of the post: an email subscription form! Now you can get the Heinemann Link Round-Up delivered to your inbox every week.

These links are interviews with educators, posts from our authors' and friends' blogs, and any interesting, newsworthy item from the past seven days. Check back each week for a new round of finds!

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Author Carol Jago has received the CEL Exemplary Leadership Award from NCTE:

Each year the Conference on English Leadership identifies one individual who has made truly exceptional contributions to literacy leadership across his/her career. After reviewing many highly deserving individuals, the CEL selected Carol Jago as the recipient of the CEL Kent Williamson Exemplary Leadership Award.

Click here to learn more!

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On Medium, Steve Zemelman encouraged teachers of all subject areas to engage in civil action projects:

Algebra teacher Brad Latimer, at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, has students use math to analyze community problems and then plan and execute actions to address those problems.

Click through to read the full post

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At The Spark, Emily Diehl asks, "Is mindset culture shift possible for adults?"

Our constant communication of a growth mindset (humans can grow their abilities and intelligence from where they are) framed as our assumption of the human condition, not framed as “why don’t you have a growth mindset?” or “why don’t you stop acting like this?” gave the gift of hope and the belief in something even better than what we had.

Click through to read the full post

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Dana Johansen provided ten summer reading tips, just as the school year begins to wind down:

9) Wish lists: Have students jot down 10-20 titles (or authors) that they hope to read this summer. Students can hang this wish list on their refrigerator or in their rooms in order to remember which books they’d like to read. When they head to the library this summer, they can take their list with them. Model this work by sharing your own book wish list with students.

Click here to read the rest of the tips

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Kate & Maggie released the seventh episode of their DIY Literacy Video Series:

DIY Literacy Video Series Episode 7 from Kate & Maggie Roberts on Vimeo.

Click here to view the rest of the series

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That's it! Be sure to check back next week for another round of links. If you have a link or a blog, be sure to mention them in the comments below. You can also email them to us or tweet at us. We're pretty available over here. Cheers to your weekend!

*Photo by Stephen Arnold

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