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Dedicated to Teachers

Jennifer Serravallo's Teaching Reading in Small Groups

Jennifer’s online Digital Campus course — based on her best-selling book Teaching Reading in Small Groups — offers no-nonsense strategies for targeting instruction using effective small groups. Participants learn practical ways to analyze student data and discover new ways to help readers increase their skill and independence.

If you've never taken an online course, the Heinemann Digital Campus is the perfect way to begin. Jen's course includes numerous opportunities to observe her teaching. You'll be inspired to reflect and share your insights with others. The course is an excellent way to extend your professional learning, especially if taken with a group of your colleagues, when the experience can be shared.

Course Syllabus:

(Each session takes approximately an hour, with additional opportunities to read and reflect offline)

Session 1. Assess with Confidence: Uncovering Teaching Possibilities

Session 2. Gearing Up for Small-Group Instruction: Establishing Independent Reading and One-on-One Conferring

Session 3. Small Groups Support Engagement

Session 4. Strategy Lesson: Conferring with Groups of Readers

Session 5. Book Clubs and Partnerships: Teaching Comprehension and Conversation

Session 6. Management, Note-Taking, and Scheduling Yourself

Click here to watch a course overview:

For more information:  http://heinemann.com/digitalcampus/
COMPLIMENTARY  for Teaching Reading in Small Groups Digital Campus course participants: Join Jen Serravallo in  a LIVE webinar series beginning May 1, 2014: Choose Teaching Reading in Small Groups or Four Steps For Turning Data into Goals Directed Instruction. Click here for more details. *Must call 1-800-541-2086 EX 1151 to register.

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