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Dedicated to Teachers

Your Heinemann Link Round-Up for August 14–20


These links are interviews with educators, posts from our authors' and friends' blogs, and any interesting, newsworthy item from the past seven days. Check back each week for a new round of finds!

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On her blog, Renee Dinnerstein excerpted a chapter of her new book Choice Time: How To Deepen Learning Through Inquiry and Play:

When children and their families first walk into a classroom at the beginning of a new school year, what they see all around them tells them a lot about the neighborhood they will inhabit. Each classroom has a voice, and the position of the furniture, the materials, what’s on the walls—everything, really—speaks and tells the children whom and what you value. The voice is so powerful, in fact, that Reggio Emilia teachers teachers in the schools in Reggio Emilia say the classroom is the second teacher. Children can access materials without adult assistance. There is a palpable sense of co-ownership.

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Steve Zemelman wrote about civic action projects as they relate to inquiry and teenagers:

The thing about teenagers, especially, is that they’re very impressionable, readily participating in self-fulfilling prophecies. Treat them like creatures who must be told what to do at every step and they’ll act like that. But listen to their concerns and invite them to choose issues and make decisions and they do it.

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And Vicki Vinton took to her blog to announce the title of her new book with Heinemann, and to explain the content:

Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading addresses the “What next?” in reading instruction question that’s been posed by our rapidly changing times and the many pendulum swings that have hit the field of literacy over the years.

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Michael Pershan staked (stuck?) out a position on the Standards for Mathematical Practice:

My position is a work in progress, but I’m trying to stake out a position that favors teaching kids about math, but doesn’t seek to connect these to the Standards for Mathematical Practice. I’ve been yapping on about how I think the concepts (not just the language) of these SMPs depend on k-12 math knowledge.

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Catch a Twitter chat with Katherine Bomer this Sunday at 6:00 CST! Info in the tweet below:

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Author Jennifer Serravallo wrote about getting to know your students as readers:

The first couple of weeks back to school can feel hectic. There’s routine-establishing, environment-orienting, and community building to be done! As a teacher who wants to instill in all my students a love of reading and the skills to do it well, I want also to make sure that getting to know my readers is also at the very top of my list. To help teachers fit this effort into an already busy time, what follows are some of my favorite ways to make this a do-able part of the first days back.

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That's it! Be sure to check back next week for another round of links. If you have a link or a blog, be sure to mention them in the comments below. You can also email them to us or tweet at us. We're pretty available over here. Cheers to your weekend!


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