Grant Assistance: Bobcats Charitable Foundation (Charlotte, NC Area Only)

The Heinemann Resource Support Team is here to help educators who are looking to purchase Heinemann Curricular or Intervention Resources but do not have the funding available to do so. Our new Grant Assistance portal provides the support you need to apply for grants. Click here to visit. This post takes a look at the Charlotte Bobcats' Charitable Foundation

From its web site:

The Bobcats Charitable Foundation is the philanthropic initiative of the Charlotte Bobcats. A supplement to the team's ongoing community relations endeavors, the foundation enables the Bobcats to work in partnership with area organizations to support programs that offer enrichment to the children and youth of the Charlotte region. Through grant awards with a strong commitment to the areas of literacy, fitness and wellness, the Bobcats Charitable Foundation is a powerful resource for our community as we work together to give hope and foster opportunity for our region's future leaders.


The Bobcats Charitable Foundation will review grant applications for funding consideration on an annual basis. The volunteer board of directors, working with the President of the Bobcats Charitable Foundation, will evaluate grant proposals and make funding recommendations based on the merits of each proposal and the potential impact of the proposed project, relative to the goals of the Bobcats Charitable Foundation. Grants are awarded annually in December of each year.

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The Heinemann Resource Support Team is available for you. To contact them, please call 800.541.2086, ext. 1110, or visit the inquiry support page.

One thought on “Grant Assistance: Bobcats Charitable Foundation (Charlotte, NC Area Only)

  1. connie Questell

    It seems the Charlotte community and all around the country The concern is for Children, Youth, Families, Women with children. But what about Young women over 18 to age 25 . What help do they get.? That is why my program is addressing them. The Healing Vine Harbor wants to build a residential HOME for these women . Not another shelter ,Not another place to lie their heads but a real home . A place where they will learn to be self sustaining ,stable young individuals who can then leave and make it on their own. Is'nt that what we all want for our children , especially our girls.? These women, aged out of foster care, are abandoned and made to fend for them selves without any training or resources  Is this fair


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