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Digital Support for the Units of Study

blog_CalkinsRemoteLearning_1200x628We've heard from across the Units of Study community that many of you made your transition to remote teaching with little or no advance warning, and with your Units of Study books left behind in locked classrooms.

In order to give you access to units that fit this time of the school year and that lend themselves to teaching in an online environment, we have now posted a digital Units of Study book for each grade level (K-5, middle grades) in the Online Resources for each of the grade-level units. For some grade levels, that will be the unit recommended in the TCRWP curricular calendar, but for some, we've selected alternatives that will work better for remote learning. Click here for the list of units.

Please note that since these digital units are meant to support the work that teachers have already been doing with the Units of Study, these digital units are available only for those who have already registered their regular Units of Study for online resources when they first started teaching their grade-level units.

To access units for your grade via your Online Resources, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Online Resources
  2. Click "View My Registered Online Resources, Videos, and eBooks"
  3. Select your registered grade-level units (for example, the Units of Study for Teaching Reading, Grade 4)
  4. Once you are in your regular, grade-level online resources, you will see a screen that looks similar to the image below. Click on the General Information heading (circled below) to expand this tab.
    S1 OLR
  5. After expanding the General Information tab, navigate down to the heading ***Remote Learning Resources*** (see circled in image below) to find the links to the digital units that are available for that grade/series.S2 OLR



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