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Contexts for Learning Math: Hear Cathy Fosnot speak near you

Contexts for Learning Mathematics (CFLM) is a rigorous K–6 classroom resource that makes use of a workshop environment to bring the Standards for Mathematical Practice to life. Each unit uses a rich, authentic context to promote thinking and learning.

Educators often ask about opportunities to hear lead author Cathy Fosnot present on CFLM and the skills and pedagogy underlying each unit.

There are a number of upcoming Seminars by the Sea offering opportunities to hear directly from Cathy about these topics, including:

  • January 26 – Amelia Island, FL

  • February 24 – Laguna Beach, CA

  • July 10-11 – New London, CT

  • July 12-13 – New London, CT

For more information on these upcoming events, please visit the upcoming events section on the New Perspectives on Learning site.

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Cathy Fosnot is Professor Emerita of Education at the City College of New York and the founder of Mathematics in the City, a national center for professional development located at the college. She is also CEO and President of New Perspectives on Learning, an organization devoted to fostering school change around the world through professional learning and classroom resources. Follow Cathy on Twitter @ctfosnot.

What is Cognitively Guided Instruction?


What is Cognitively Guided Instruction? Why do we do it?

Early on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I had a conversation with more than 200 teachers and administrators (and a few school board members) about Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI). The conversation started when I posed the questions, “What is CGI and why do we do it?”

The response was inspiring, thought-provoking, and humbling.

  • Inspiring because the ideas shared highlighted the wisdom and commitment to young people.

  • Thought-provoking because the response pushed me to reconsider my own ideas of CGI.

  • Humbling because it reminded me about the power of collective work and how even in the most challenging times for education, together we can push back and work to change the status quo.

Before sharing what the group came up with, I want to explain why I began this conversation. Over the last year I have found myself needing to define or position CGI in particular ways. As I considered how I might do this, I recognized that CGI is not mine to define. CGI is not mine. It’s not even Tom Carpenter and Eliz Fennema’s. And it never has been.

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