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Dedicated to Teachers

Jennifer Moore

Recent Posts:

Neurodiversity Resources for Educators

A roundup of resources to educate ourselves, our classrooms, and our school communities to better support our Neurodivergent students and colleagues.  (continue reading)

How Teachers Can Lead on Neurodiversity by John Elder Robison

How can we make that awareness of the value of different abilities come sooner for neurodivergent kids and their classmates? The answer might lie with neurodivergent teachers.    (continue reading)

Procrastination: Is it a Good Thing, or a Bad Thing?

What is the role procrastination plays in the writing process and is it all bad? A blog post from the author of The Confidence to Write, Liz Prather.  (continue reading)

How Representing Ideas Visually Helps All Students Make Sense of Mathematics

Learn a new instructional move to help students focus their mathematical thinking from the authors of Teaching for Thinking and Routines for Reasoning, Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta.  (continue reading)

Comprehension Connections - The Audiobook!

Heinemann is pleased to announce the latest addition to our growing line of audiobooks, Comprehension Connections: Bridges to Strategic Reading by Tanny McGregor.  (continue reading)

Igniting Students’ Curiosity and Advocacy … All While Learning Math

Educational subjects lose power when taught in isolation. Bring literature into your math classroom to pique student curiosity and connect it to advocacy…all while learning math.  (continue reading)

What is Strategies to Go: The Jennifer Serravallo Digital Companion?

Heinemann is excited to officially announce the release of Strategies to Go, the digital companion to Jennifer Serravallo’s Reading and Writing Strategies Books.  (continue reading)

Why Independent Reading is Exactly What Students Need Right Now

As you make plans for future instruction, build in time for independent reading first. Learn why from the authors of Trusting Readers.  (continue reading)

Celebrate World Read Aloud Day with Heinemann Audiobooks

Heinemann authors are exemplary educators eager to support the practice of other teachers. Allow yourself the enjoyment and benefits of being read to -- by them.  (continue reading)

Cultivating a Growth Mindset When Working with Grieving Students

How might a growth mindset guide us in grief work at school, especially when we are experiencing vicarious trauma or grief? A blog post from Brittany Collins.  (continue reading)

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