Annual Heinemann Teacher Tour Rummage Sale helps On-Belay

At our second annual Teacher Tour, our Community Investment Council hosted a "rummage" sale for attendees. All proceeds from the sale went to On-Belay, an amazing organization we work with frequently. On-Belay builds a community among children who have or have had a family member with cancer by using adventure based programs to encourage participants to uncover their inner resilience. The amazing support from our attendees helped Heinemann raise $600 for them! When we shared this amazing news with Executive Director, Stephanie Beck, she shared a story with us… "You might have seen this kid on Facebook – she's this quirky little girl named Syd. Her mom is in treatment for Melanoma. Her dad brings her and her older sister to almost every On Belay program.  I first met them February of last year at the Merrovista program. I know her dad drops her off sweet and tidy, I've seen it – but within 5 minutes, she looks like she's been through a hurricane.  Probably more accurate is that she is the hurricane.  She just leaves no stone unturned – she is into absolutely everything. At On Belay, she can just be herself. She is a cherished part of this unique community whether she's having a good day or a bad day.  She's the kind of kid that you are helping – not to be overly dramatic but you really are making a difference in her life." For more information on On-Belay, please visit their website: To watch a video of the tour and check our our photo gallery, Click here.

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