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Have You Heard? All Our Audiobooks Are Free to Download through Mother's Day!

FB_Free_mothers_day_promo_v02EXTENDED THROUGH MOTHER'S DAY 2020

Who doesn’t love a good read-aloud? That has never been more true than now, as educators and authors take to social media to read books to students (and adults!) of all ages across the world. But what about you? You deserve a good read-aloud too, perhaps even one that helps you stay connected to your profession, inspires you, and helps you imagine new possibilities. Why not download a Heinemann Audiobook and let our authors read to you?

Heinemann is offering up our entire catalog of audiobooks for free through Mother's Day 2020. Heinemann does not offer audiobooks directly on our site, but they are available through most audiobook providers such as Apple Books, Overdrive, Hoopla, Scribd, and many more.

We recommend visiting single point of purchase audiobook vendors, and recommend the following: 

Here are our current audiobook offerings:

To learn more please visit Heinemann.com/Audiobooks. You will find samples from each audiobook as well as links to some of the places you can buy or borrow each title. In the Facebook Live video below, Brett from Heinemann walks you through how the to download the free audiobooks throughout the month of April.



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