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Jennifer Serravallo's 5 Lenses to Assess and Teach Readers: Engagement

“Without engagement you’ve got nothing.”
–Jennifer Serravallo

We want to try something a little different. For the next 6 weeks, we want to talk about Jennifer Serravallo’s (@JSerravallo) 5 lenses for assessing and teaching readers. These 5 lenses will help you get to know your readers and offer new ways of teaching reading. While each lens is important on its own, you’ll get the clearest and most complete picture of a student if you use all 5 lenses together. As Jen writes in her book Teaching Reading in Small Groups, "It is important to have a repertoire of ways to assess reading. Standardized tests are not enough. A running record is not enough. A questionnaire about reading interests is not enough. It is through multiple assessment measures–formal and informal; quantitative and qualitative; diagnostic, formative, and summative–that we can begin to understand the complexity of a reader’s process and offer appropriate instruction to meet the reader’s needs.”

This week we are going to focus on the first piece of the puzzle: engagement. We will be posting tips, tools, and topics from four of Jen's books: Conferring with Readers, Teaching Reading in Small Groups, The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook K–2 and The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook Grades 3–6. Some of the topics we'll touch on include:

  • What does engagement mean to you?
  • How do you get and keep your students engaged?
  • How do you teach reading?
  • What tools do you use to assess students—what works and what doesn't?

We have created blank versions of some of the tools Jen discusses in her books for you to download and use in your classrooms. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for both Microsoft Word and PDF versions.

If you’re on Twitter, we are going to use the hashtag #literacylenses to capture the conversation. We'll see you there!

Blank Reading Log D-I WORD Blank Reading Log D-I PDF
Blank Reading Log J-M WORD Blank Reading Log J-M PDF
Blank Reading Log L+ WORD Blank Reading Log L+ PDF
Blank Rereading Log D-I WORD Blank Re-reading Log D-I PDF
Blank Reading Interest Survey K-2 WORD Blank Reading Interest Survey K-2 PDF
Blank Reading Interest Survey 3-6 WORD Blank Reading Interest Survey 3-6 PDF
Blank Engagement Inventory WORD Blank Engagement Inventory PDF

Jennifer Serravallo is a national literacy consultant and the bestselling author or coauthor of the Heinemann titles Teaching Reading in Small Groups, Conferring with Readers, The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook K–2 and The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook Grades 3–6. She started out teaching grades 3–5 in Title I schools and then spent eight years as a national staff developer at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.

NEXT POST: Fluency

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